Class Delegate Protocol

Delegate protocols should be class-only so they can be weakly referenced

  • Identifier: class_delegate_protocol
  • Enabled by default: Yes
  • Supports autocorrection: No
  • Kind: lint
  • Analyzer rule: No
  • Minimum Swift compiler version: 5.0.0
  • Default configuration:
    severity warning

Non Triggering Examples

protocol FooDelegate: class {}
protocol FooDelegate: class, BarDelegate {}
protocol Foo {}
class FooDelegate {}
@objc protocol FooDelegate {}
 protocol FooDelegate {}
protocol FooDelegate: BarDelegate {}
protocol FooDelegate: AnyObject {}
protocol FooDelegate: NSObjectProtocol {}
protocol FooDelegate where Self: BarDelegate {}
protocol FooDelegate where Self: AnyObject {}
protocol FooDelegate where Self: NSObjectProtocol {}

Triggering Examples

protocol FooDelegate {}
protocol FooDelegate: Bar {}
protocol FooDelegate where Self: StringProtocol {}