Syntactic Sugar

Shorthand syntactic sugar should be used, i.e. [Int] instead of Array.

  • Identifier: syntactic_sugar
  • Enabled by default: Yes
  • Supports autocorrection: Yes
  • Kind: idiomatic
  • Analyzer rule: No
  • Minimum Swift compiler version: 5.0.0
  • Default configuration:
    severity warning

Non Triggering Examples

let x: [Int]
let x: [Int: String]
let x: Int?
func x(a: [Int], b: Int) -> [Int: Any]
let x: Int!
extension Array {
  func x() { }
extension Dictionary {
  func x() { }
let x: CustomArray<String>
var currentIndex: Array<OnboardingPage>.Index?
func x(a: [Int], b: Int) -> Array<Int>.Index
unsafeBitCast(nonOptionalT, to: Optional<T>.self)
unsafeBitCast(someType, to: Swift.Array<T>.self)
IndexingIterator<Array<Dictionary<String, AnyObject>>>.self
let y = Optional<String>.Type
type is Optional<String>.Type
let x: Foo.Optional<String>
let x = case Optional<Any>.none = obj
let a = Swift.Optional<String?>.none

Triggering Examples

let x: Array<String>
let x: Dictionary<Int, String>
let x: Optional<Int>
let x: Swift.Array<String>
func x(a: Array<Int>, b: Int) -> [Int: Any]
func x(a: Swift.Array<Int>, b: Int) -> [Int: Any]
func x(a: [Int], b: Int) -> Dictionary<Int, String>
let x = y as? Array<[String: Any]>
let x = Box<Array<T>>()
func x() -> Box<Array<T>>
func x() -> Dictionary<String, Any>?
typealias Document = Dictionary<String, T?>
func x(_ y: inout Array<T>)
let x:Dictionary<String, Dictionary<Int, Int>>
func x() -> Any { return Dictionary<Int, String>()}
let x = Array<String>.array(of: object)
let x = Swift.Array<String>.array(of: object)
@_specialize(where S == Array<Character>)
public init<S: Sequence>(_ elements: S)
let dict: [String: Any] = [:]
_ = dict["key"] as? Optional<String?> ?? Optional<String?>.none